Who we are

We are a Canadian-based well-established company, which provides professional assistance to public and private sector clients in the area of Human Resources management and temporary help services.

We specialize in providing solutions for Human Resources management and temporary help services through managing "HR Portal Canada". This is a roster of seasoned experienced professionals in the Information Technology industry, who are interested and available to provide IT consulting services for companies in Canada.

Our objective is to provide ideal matching between our client requirements and available IT experienced resources in the most efficient way. The resulting efficiency is based on the company commitment and fundamentals to secure the best available resources with the highest level of matching to requirements as quick as possible.

Why us

Founded by seasoned IT professionals, we possess the most intimate knowledge of the IT industry and HR services in Canada. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional efficient results based on the vast experience of successfully supplied IT resources to our existing public and private sectors clients.

We offer an efficient HR solution, which is based on the following fundamentals of the company assets and professional expertise:

  • we have our own database of prequalified professionals, which is constantly growing
    • tens of thousands of IT consultants in the Ontario, Canada area with extensive experience and proven expertise in all IT roles and domains
    • each new candidate undergoes a complete technical check individually before registering into our Portal, only those who pass the high level of evaluation will be recorded for future consideration
  • we have direct local clients from public and private sectors, specialized in all aspects of software design, development and maintenance
  • we utilize an in-house highly intelligent web enterprise solution that allows us to select most qualified candidates from our roster for a specific job requirement with a high level of accuracy and almost instantly
  • our highly qualified local personnel possess the most intimate knowledge of the IT industry and HR services and methodologies, which helps to finalize and secure the best HR Portal Canada candidates for a client job and to develop a high quality of professional presentation for the proposed resource(s)