Message to projects owners

We are making the connection between projects owners and professional resources: we are doing it quickly and efficiently. We are operating in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.


You are the owner of highly valuable and technology-critical projects in the government, financial or high-tech sector.


You require the best highly experienced professional resources on a temporary basis for the duration of your projects; you need resource(s) with proven experience in the area of your requirements and you need such resource(s) quickly.

HR PORTAL is your solution

QUALITY OF RESOURCES: We have our own database of pre-qualified professionals, most of them with government and financial sector experience

EFFICIENT SOLUTION: Our highly intelligent web enterprise solution allows the selection of the most qualified candidates from our roster by job requirement almost instantly and with a high level of accuracy

LOCAL PROFESSIONALS: Our highly qualified local personnel possess the most intimate knowledge of the IT industry and HR services and methodologies, which helps to finalize and secure our best candidates

PROVEN SERVICES: The value of our services is already proven - we're successfully working with a number of direct vendors for the Governments of Ontario and Canada


Contact us to discuss your needs and better understand our capabilities so that we can explore collaborative revenue growth: