Our services

HR Portal Canada is committed to supplying highly experienced consulting resources to public and private sector clients with the necessary level of qualifications and knowledge for all IT roles and domains on short request notice.

In working with HR Portal you will find professionals whose number one priority is our clients' success. We understand your business needs: incomparable expertise, reliability and good value. Information Technology consulting services from HR Portal will help you optimize your resources and deliver solutions that scale in the most seamless and cost effective way according to your business requirements regardless of the level of complexity.

  • We utilize highly effective in-house automated tools that allow us to select qualified candidates in seconds accurately
  • We have a database of tens of thousands of prequalified highly experienced IT professionals with previous government and financial sector experience
  • We introduce only the best candidates for our clients, as we perform a complete technical check for each candidate before presenting them to the client
  • We have extensive experience in IT and work with the most up to date tools and techniques
  • Our submission time is 3 business days from receiving a job request to response back with properly documented proposal with most suitable resource(s).